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Child Education and
Nutrition program

Our Impact

We’ve worked on improving the lives of young people here in Phuket through direct practice.

SpiruProject, starting from the schools and kitchens of professionals, wants to send a message of respect, sustainability and use of healthy and alternative foods to the fashion (and at the same time social scourge) of junk food.

Our Mission

SpiruProject make careful who will guarantee us our future (our children) and cooks, chefs, food preparers and dishes. And that is who has the power to influence the fashions and nutrition trends of the future. Involving children and cooks, making them attentive and involved in the problem of sustainability, leading them to the discovery or rediscovery of extraordinary, healthy, hyper nutrient, sustainable foods and aliments, could trigger the change necessary to save this suffering planet.


** The quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time


** The substances that you take into your body as food and the way that they influence your health


We run small-scale schools for the underprivileged children and youth of daily wage workers for a better future.

** [ Source: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press ]


some of our projects
[completed or in progress]

Our Chef Ambassador Jamie Raftery cooked charity meals with our SpiruP pasta offered by SpiruProject during the pandemic.

One of the schools we collaborate with for the SpiruProject project


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