SpiruB Mangrove

Honey with Spirulina

SpiruB Mangrove Honey with Spirulina

– Nai Nang Honey – 98%
– Spiru4 Spirulina powder – 2%
Mangrove Nectar Source :
– Avicannia alba
– Flagellaria indica
– Phoenix paludosa
– sonneratia casaolaris
– xylocarpus moluccensis
SPIRU4 Natural Spirulina

More protein, more iron, more magnesium, more calcium, more potassium, less sugar


Spirulina and this unique combination of flower nectar gives honey a distinctive taste with a hint of salt sea.

Our SPIRUB Spirulina Honey is one of the most nutritious, concentrated whole foods on the market. Made with Spiru4 spirulina powder and Nai Nang Honey, and packed with protein, carbohydrates, iron, beta-carotene, magnesium and complex vitamins A, K, and B, this delicious superfood will support your heart function, nourish mental health and fortify immune system..

Spiru4 Spirulina is renowned for its intense flavor and even more powerful nutrition profile. These blue – green algae is a natural source of protein and vitamins and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid, which may reduce fatigue and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Spirulina claimed to detox the body from heavy metals, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, lower chances of stroke, boost energy, speed up weight loss, alleviate sinus issues, and boost memory.

It can also be used as a face mask to help fend off free-radicals, eliminate toxins from the skin, and increase skin’s metabolism for faster cell regeneration and healing.

In combination with Nai Nang Honey, an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of SPIRU4 spirulina to the body, our Nai Nang SPIRUB Spirulina Honey will provide a high-level energy, endurance, and immune system boost.

SPIRU4 Spirulina powder from GFOOD – Phuket

Spiru4 Spirulina
from GFOOD Asia

We started our idea with innovative aquaculture farm and began in 2016 at our facility in Phuket Island focusing on the commercialization of healthy alternative food products made from Spirulina. We cultivate our Spirulina in special closed system to avoid any contamination. We use a unique method of harvesting Spirulina captures it’s delicate cells at their supreme healthy stage, full of essential nutrients and keeps
until delivery to our customer. Enjoy the benefits of our products !

10% of the profits helps support the GFOOD charity program Spiruproject 
(Child education and educational program).

Honey from Nai Nang Mangrove conservation group

Honey from
Nai Nang Mangrove
conservation group

Nai Nang Honey originates from a conservation group, wich aims to restore the mangrove forest surrounding  their village and are using bees to assist with pollination. In 2014 , several members of the conservation group decided to form the apiculture group hoping to secure a better future for themselves and their families.
Today , the collectives includes 45 members  who depend primarly on on traditional small-scale fishing  and farming  for their livehoods.

10% of the profits helps support Mangrove environmental conservation 
activities in Nai Nang Village

This is one sweet, immune system boosting jar of goodness.
Get the benefits of Spirulina with the taste and versatility of honey.

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