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Sustainable education

A memory is the basis of SpiruProject.

On the occasion of my first holiday in Asia, 35 years ago, I don’t remember seeing overweight children or teenagers, today, living in Thailand, I realize day by day how drastically the situation has changed. 

The arrival of fast food chains, chain stores (to put it in other words of real sugar stores and refined foods) open 24 hours a day, have changed the eating habits of the population, including Thais and expatriates.

As a consequence, unfortunately, today 10% of our children are already obese, obese, not overweight.
Since the future belongs to young people, in order to establish a lasting change of direction, we must intervene on the education of young people.
With SpiruProject we want to teach what sustainable means, what are sustainable foods, what are superfoods, how to gradually insert them into our diet, how to alternate meat and vegetables, ultimately how to eat better and respect the environment.
Only through correct information and education can we win this battle.

Sustainability and nutrition

The current global issue of unbalanced, unsustainable, unhealthy nutrition is clearly a result of massive globalization, further driven by aggressive marketing and “lies” from corporations as well as other lucrative players in the food chain.

This, coupled with poor education on nutrition and sustainability, leads to a series of illnesses including obesity. The situation worsens as time goes by.

We will elaborate on what healthy nutrition is to develop understanding of the term ‘sustainability’ as used in nutrition before we devise solutions. Often, the general public sees sustainability as related to the environment such as when it comes to environmentally responsible production.

It is also often viewed as social development or support of a good cause through any purchase of a certain product. However, the meaning and the implementation of this concept are much more complex.

Based on the explanations given by United Nations in their nutritional goals and program, sustainability includes not only environmental, economic and social aspects, but also ethical aspects of “healthy life for present and future generations,” “protection and respect to biodiversity and ecosystems, cultural acceptability,” “accessibility, economic fairness and affordability,” “nutritional adequacy, safety and health,” and “optimization of natural and human resources”.

With such a wide-ranging definition come numerous possible approaches. However, “sustainable diets” and “sustainable labelled products” must not be confused with “healthy diets or labelled products” even if they share certain similarities. The key difference, though, is that sustainability is in synchrony with nature and thus is not so harmful.

What binds education and nutrition?

Not much on the surface, but if we put the adjective sustainable before it, the link gets stronger. In fact, if we deepen the meaning of the two terms we see how one depends on the other and, in a certain sense, they have a direct dependence.

The education given in schools can be very influential on children’s compartments. Hence the need to positively influence food beliefs and information.
We are convinced that our current eating habits need to be updated, the immoderate consumption of cereals, sugars, animal proteins is poisoning and jeopardizing the resources of our mother earth.

What we use in our kitchens depends on how much and how we produce outside, in the fields, in the surrounding environment.
What we produce is largely dictated by the request of those who consume and prepare (in the kitchens and factories) the food we ingest daily.

Starting from this connection, the SpiruProject project was born, whose mission is to disseminate information and education. SpiruProject, starting from the schools and kitchens of professionals, wants to send a message of respect, sustainability and use of healthy and alternative foods to the fashion (and at the same time social scourge) of junk food.

SpiruProject make careful who will guarantee us our future (our children) and cooks, chefs, food preparers and dishes. And that is who has the power to influence the fashions and nutrition trends of the future.
Involving children and cooks, making them attentive and involved in the problem of sustainability, leading them to the discovery or rediscovery of extraordinary, healthy, hyper nutrient, sustainable foods and aliments, could trigger the change necessary to save this suffering planet.

How we finance the project(s)

Make an education charity donation today and 
give a child the opportunity for a brighter future.

To be a testimonial

Are you a celebrity, are you famous, are you an authority, are you known by many people?
You can help and support the project simply with your video, your thoughts, your testimony that plead the cause of this project.
A more sustainable diet for a better world, a small effort for you, a great help for us.

Spiru4 Products

Anyone who purchases on spiru4.me contributes directly to the financing of SpiruProject. In fact, GFood (owner of the Spiru4 brand) will donate part of the turnover to support the projects chosen by the SpiruProjetc committee.
Each purchase counts, a step forward for your health and concrete help to needy children., a great help for us.

SpiruP Pasta

As for purchases on spiru4.me, when you buy our healthy spirulina pasta on spirup.me, in addition to enjoying a healthy dish, you will contribute to the food education of our children.

In fact, for each purchase, GFood will donate a part for the support of SpiruProject.

Adopt one tank

GFood has reserved a part of its tanks for adoptions. One of these tanks can be yours for an entire year.
By adopting a tank you will receive our Premium Spirulina for you, your daily health dose for a whole year!
Your contribution, combined with that of GFood, will make it possible to offer spirulina to a child (of a structure chosen by SpiruProject) for an entire year too.
A benefit for your health and your conscience.
Why giving is endless …

SpiruB Honey with Spirulina

Spirulina and this unique combination of flower nectar gives honey a distinctive taste with a hint of salt sea.

We do not accept free donations

every single bath that finances the project comes from a sale of our products or from the adoption of a Tank.

Please , contact us , if you need more information
about how to Finance Spiruproject.

How we invest the donations Budget

For every Product Sales GFOOD Asia will donate a part of the benefit to Spiruproject charity programs.

Invested in our programs


To reinvest to raise future funds


To reinvest to raise future funds


Support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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